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Camera, lens, mattebox and microphone are optional

VOCAS Shoulder rig Pro for Sony Alpha 7 series cameras

Pris exkl.12 364.00
Pris15 455.00

Vocas 0255-3340

Handheld kit that will transform your Sony Alpa A7 camera into a shoulder mounted camera.


Easy to shooting from the shoulder

The shoulder pad with counter weight and the handles with leather grips will really make you enjoy shooting from

your shoulder.

The top handle makes it easy to carry your rig around but also comes in handy when making low shots.


Follow focus as complement

You can combine this rig with MFC-1 focus controller and other accessories to customize your rig just the way you

like it.

The advised setups fit the cameras of the Sony Alpha 7 series including the models a7s, a7r and a7.



The new Alpha 7II is an exception and needs an individual setup.


Included items in this kit:

  • 15 mm Matte box support for Sony Alpha 7
  • 15 mm Offset bracket for shoulder support high
  • Leather handgrip kit, including 19 mm and 15 mm combi bracket and two handgrips
  • Shoulder support for 15 mm rails
  • Topside handgrip for 15 mm rails
  • Weight 1 kg for Vocas 15 mm shoulder support
  • Weight attachment plate for Vocas shoulder support

Works with:

  • Sony A7-series
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