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SWIT 12/24V Battery Box + 4x S-8180S Batteries

S-4020 KIT
Pris exkl.20 188.00
Pris25 235.00


S-4020 12/24V Battery Box Kit with 4x S-8180S Batteries.


Key features:

  • PP+ Fiber glass case, strong and durable
  • Install 4 x V-mount batteries
  • 12V/24V XLR DC output (can not output simultaneously)
  • LED panel to display real-time voltage and low voltage warning
  • Charging without take out batteries by provided 4-pin XLR DC charging socket
  • Intelligent protective circuit design, safe and reliable
  • 4x S-8180S Batteries included

Long-lasting power solution for high draw devices

S-4020 power station box can install 4 pieces of V-mount batteries which can provide more power and longer

power supply time comparing to single Li-ion battery.

It can meet the demand of different users, and is very suitable for Cine cameras, lightings for Film &

Television and mobile studios. 



PP+ Fiber glass case, strong and durable

S-4020 adopts PP+ Fiber glass case which is high intensity, high toughness and high temperature resistant. 


Power with 4 V-lock batteries, portable and usable 

Considering the size, weight, power effeciency, and usability, S-4020 is designed to be powered with 1-4

V-lock batteries, which are widely used and easy to find.


The following SWIT V-mount batteries will fit in the box:

  • S-8320S
  • S-8340S
  • S-8083S
  • S-8113S
  • S-8183S
  • S-8082S
  • S-8110S
  • S-8180S

Auto-balanced circuit design

With auto-balanced circuit, S-4020 can be powered by 1-4 batteries, with different capacity.

The max output is limited by the batteries’ output. 


2 channels XLR high load DC output selection

Select 4-pin XLR 11-16.8V 15A(180W) or 3-pin XLR 22-33.6V15A(360W) to DC output 

And S-4020 is designed with multiple circuit protections, such as over load, over voltage, and etc.



LED panel display status

With a LED panel, S-4020 can display real-time voltage, and when battery capacity is too low, the LED panel

will keep flashing to remind you to change or charge batterie. 


Charging without taking out batteries

With the supplied 5A charger, user can charge the batteries in the S-4020 directly, without taking out of them. 


Cooling fan design

The fan keeps dissipating heat from the box, and makes it safe when working in high temperature environment. 

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