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LOWEL Caselite 2 fluorescent light

Pris exkl.10 205.00
Pris12 756.25

Lowe CF-20

Caselite 2 fluorescent light.


The Case IS the Light!

For the pro on the go, the all-in-one Caselites offer your choice of daylight or tungsten color in a compact,

easy to carry fluorescent package.


Key features:

  • 2 Efficient models: 2 x 55w & 4 x 55w tube fixtures
  • 120/230v operation
  • Case lid: holds spare lamps or stand, plus egg crate, mounting plate, stand tilt-bracket, power cord
  • Internal ballast means quicker setup time
  • Efficient reflector & ballast design allows maximum light output
  • Daylight or Tungsten: uses 5300°K or 3000°K compact fluorescent lamps
  • Individual lamp switches: to control output intensity without dimming
  • Supplied light controls include: quick release egg crate grid, mounted gel clips, dual purpose
  • Rugged lightweight stackable case made of heavy duty ABS plastic
  • Updated tilt-bracket for easy stand mounting & versatile lamp positioning
  • Ideal for TV news crews & documentary video production

The current popularity of fluorescent lights  in film & video production is well deserved

They offer cool, soft and efficient light at several times the output of incandescent halogen sources.

Unfortunately, they can also be too cumbersome and fragile to use on location, often requiring several cases

to carry lights and accessories.

The Caselites solve that problem by being compact, lightweight, rugged and completely self-contained

without sacrificing output or light quality.

The all-in-one Caselite is both light & case combined.

Pop the lid and there's room inside for stand-fitting tilt-bracket & plate, plus power cord, stand, or spare bulbs.



60.5 x 19.6 x 21.3 cm


6 kg



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LOWEL Caselite 2 fluorescent light (Euro/CE)
Pris exkl.10 205.00
Pris12 756.25
LOWEL Egg crate raster Caselite 2
Pris exkl.328.00